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Polk City is a city in Polk County, Florida, United States. Taking up over 5 miles of land, Polk City has a population amount of 740 people per square mile. Polk City currently reached its top population of 3,308 people in 2021.

Van Fleet Trail, which is the Polk city trailhead, was originally chosen as part of Florida's statewide area of greenways and trails and it is one of Florida's most charming, paved trail paths. The landscape areas include the creek swamp, pine Flatwoods, bottomland forest, former citrus lands, and animal ranches. Having only one main curve in its 29.2 miles, you can decide whether to go slower and view the wildlife or enjoy it at a quick pace. The trail has excellent wildlife viewing opportunities, particularly between Green Pond Road and Bay Lake Road.

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Along the way, you could have the possibility to view a variety of wildlife like gators, turkey, deer, gopher, tortoises, rabbits, and even many fox squirrels. Unfortunately, snakes of every kind also appreciate the heat of the pathed pathways, so ride your bike and walk with caution and enjoy many things you may not see in your own backyard. There is an alpaca farm located 1.5 miles north of the Polk City trailhead. Livestock also can be seen as you pass by various pastures of cattle, goats, and the alpacas. A horse trail also follows beside the length of the paved path. The ability to hunt is also provided in the Green Swamp and Richloam wildlife management areas, which are found on the western side of the north half of the trail. The trail is 29.2 miles long and has a concrete surface that is eight feet wide, and it stays open during the varieties of hunting seasons as well. They are located at 7683 Berkley Road Polk City FL, 33968. Each day they open at 8 am and close for the day at sunset.

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Van Fleet Trail in Polk City