Southern Dunes Golf & Country Club Haines City FL

Are you located in Haines City or visiting soon? Are you a lover of golf? If you answered yes to both of these questions, keep on reading this article. Southern Dunes Golf & Country Club is the number one golf course in the state of Florida. It has been voted the best of the best several years in a row. For all the golf lovers, you have to check out this golf course and its country club.

There are so many different aspects that make this golf course unique. For example, you do not have to be a resident residing in or near Orlando to come and play golf. They have their special Stay & Play packages that are available for anyone to purchase. If you are planning a vacation to central Florida and love golf, make sure to book your stay here so that you can not only enjoy golfing all week long but also be close to Orlando and its attractions. It does not matter how many people are coming because there are houses of all types.

Another reason why this golf course is unique is because of its architect. Steve Smyers is the one who designed this 18-hole golf course. He spent so much time planning and designing every aspect of the golf course. He used the different landscapes and natural items in his favor. Every lake, sand dune, ridge, and valley are all a part of the golf course.

The last two reasons as to why this is a unique place are because once you are tired of golfing, you can enjoy some of the finest cuisines at the restaurant in the club. The restaurant has a 5-star review and will leave your taste buds wanting more! You will also not have to worry about your safety even though you are near downtown. Southern Dunes has one of the best security systems in Haines City, FL!

Southern Dunes Golf & Country Club