Lake Eva Community Park in Haines City FL

Lake Eva Community Park is one of the best parks in Haines City, FL. Not only does this community park include all of the typical elements such as playgrounds and picnic areas, but it also includes a waterpark many other amenities. This community park is also located near a lake and because of this, there are many other extra activities you can participate in. If you are interested in hearing more about this unique community park, keep on reading this article.

At this park, there is a play area for the younger kids, but for the older kids, there are different playgrounds for them to enjoy and play. For those who are wanting to just enjoy the outdoors and warm Florida weather, there are many spots where they can set up their hammocks, chairs, or blankets. This is a busy park, but many areas are quieter and secluded as well. Throughout different seasons, different sports are happening. Depending on the age groups open, you can register and get involved in the community tournament. For all the water lovers, the lake and aquatic center is perfect for you. You can go swimming, fishing, and boating in the lake. If you prefer swimming in pools, there are different types of pools for all ages from toddlers to adults.

After all these activities, you can head over to the concessions stand for burgers, hot dogs, fries, candy, popcorn, and much more. You do not have to worry about your or your loved ones’ safety at this park. The surrounding community has some of the best home security systems in Haines City, FL. This allows them to monitor the safety of the park as well!

Lake Eva Community Park is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. As previously mentioned, there are playgrounds, picnic areas, an aquatic center, a lake on-site, restrooms, and much more. If you are looking for a fun day out, check out this local park that anyone can enjoy!

Lake Eva Community Park