Public Schools in Haines City FL

There are many excellent factors for you to reside in Haines City, especially if you have a family or are wanting to start one. The education system in Haines City is phenomenal even the public school system. I am going to be highlighting some public schools in the area, stay tuned if you are interested and are wanting to hear more about them.

The first public school is Ridge Community High School. Ridge Community High School’s mascot is the Bolt and their motto is “Once a Bolt, always a Bolt”. Football has always been a huge part of RCHS. In fact, there have been three notable alumni that have graduated from this high school: Karlos Williams, Vince Willams, and Mike James. They have played for the Argonauts, Steelers, Bills, and Buccaneers.

The next school is Boone Middle School. Boone Middle School is truly a unique middle school because its main focus is to enroll and help those students who are not quite ready for the upcoming high school transition. They have many programs set into place for students who need improvement in different areas. The staff at BMS is exceptional as well!

Now, we have Haines City High School. Their motto is to help students advance in their academics while spreading and enforcing positivity. By following their motto, HCHS has felt a great sense of pride in their overall results as they see their graduation rates increasing yearly. HCHS has a great program for the students to follow. They also have various types of clubs and sports for those who are interested.

These were just three of the many schools that are beyond excellent in Haines City. If you are searching for solid middle and high schools, make sure to at least check these three out first. All three will provide an excellent foundation for academics, will teach and reinforce positive behaviors, and will make the students feel included due to the several activities one can participate in. You do not need to worry about their safety since all the public systems have the best home security companies in Haines City, FL to install their cameras and security system.

Public Schools in Haines City