Where Should Home Security Cameras Be Installed?

Home security cameras can make an amazing addition to any home security system. They can provide you round the clock access to your home no matter where you might be. Newcomers to home security systems often make the mistake of only installing one camera. However, cameras can rotate only so much and zoom only so far when you want to get a better look at your property. Like your door and window sensors, home security cameras should be installed in multiple areas in your home.

Best Locations for Home Security Cameras

Rather than thinking about the exact number of security cameras to install, consider which locations in your home will provide you with the widest viewing ranges. While each home has a different floor plan, most have high-traffic spots that are the most vulnerable to break-ins. You should place cameras to cover as many of these areas as you can.

Front, back, and side doors

Burglars will often take an easy route and try to enter a home through a front or back door. Place exterior cameras above or near any doors leading into your home as one of the first places you focus on.

Non-street facing windows

Windows that don’t directly face a street may be more prone to break-ins due to their privacy during a break in. Install exterior cameras above these windows, or use interior cameras that face the windows in question to cover these zones.


If a burglar was to walk up to your home, they may walk down your driveway or attempt to enter through your garage door. Placing an exterior camera above the driveway can help you detect any suspicious activity.

Common areas of the Home

Say a burglar actually makes their way into your home, they may start to search for valuables in specific areas, such as the living room or master bedroom. Use cameras to watch over these spaces.


Some homes have balconies or basements with staircases that lead to different entry points, which burglars can use to get inside your home more discreetly. Place a camera on the stairs to watch for any suspicious activity.

When considering where to install home security cameras, correct placement is extremely important to capture the best view of activity. All cameras should be out of reach so they can’t be easily knocked down or destroyed if they are found. Place exterior cameras at least nine feet above the ground around second story level and keep interior cameras near the ceiling. Make sure the cameras are installed securely so they won’t fall during a critical moment. While some cameras can be attached to surfaces with adhesives, mounting them to the wall with screws is the most secure way to go.

Finding the right angle to go with your camera placement is equally as important as the placement itself. If you place your home security cameras directly above windows or doors but don’t angle them in the right direction, you may only catch a glimpse of the perpetrator. Instead, put them a foot or two next to a door or window with the camera angled down toward the entrance. You shouldn’t be afraid to make your security cameras too visible; it may help scare off potential prowlers if they are seen.

If you have decided on wireless cameras, check the Wi-Fi signal around your home. It’s important that your home security cameras have reliable access to a strong Wi-Fi signal to capture and relay footage to where it can be stored and viewed. Without a proper internet connection, the camera could disconnect from your home security system and provide no use to you. If the Wi-Fi signal is weak, the video footage may be choppy or distorted at best.

Now that you know where in your home you should install your home security cameras, it’s time for you to find the right camera for your needs. Southeast Wiring Solutions can help you pick the best security cameras for your needs, and even get them installed and running for you. We make home security and peace of mind easy to achieve!

Where Should Home Security Cameras Be Installed?