Guide to Different Types of Home Security Systems

If you are stuck in a situation where you want to have security systems in your home but don’t know which type would be best. Hopefully, you will be able to narrow down your options after reading these and pick the solution best fit for your home and family. There are several different kinds of home security systems of all sorts.

Wireless alarm systems cover the need for two phone lines with a system that acts as a cell phone. These are a majorly favored system to go with, because of the convenience and cost options. Just like your WiFi, wireless alarm systems send their signals through a radio wavelength. There is no wiring to deal with, and you don’t need to pay for a ton of cabling or the labor rated to install it. They are much cheaper and quicker to install.

Wired Alarm Systems are attached right into your home’s power cables rather than relying on a battery by itself to give power. Hardwired systems also normally have a battery backup so the alarm will still work if there’s a fail that happens to occur.

Unmonitored systems have a control panel, sensors, and sirens/alarms on top of the motion detectors and motion-activated cameras. There could be more obvious signs such as lights that are included as well. Even though they are activated the same way as monitored systems, these are not tracked by a specific aid. However, you can monitor your home from a smartphone or computer, so you can get alerts, and configure the system through your mobile device rather than on-site keypads.

Glass-break Detectors are another way of security and these can discover glass shattering or cracking by using a kind of microphone. The intense alarm can alert you of a break-in or glass damage caused by weather conditions. The microphone is specifically created to pick up the individual sound of glass breaking. This goes either way whether it is from your front door or any window in your house.

Critical Alarm Systems help with natural occurrences but also have the ability to contact your phone. This is tripped when there is any type of indoor flooding by natural events or a problem with your plumbing. Instant notifications of a problem can help you dodge serious results like extensive water damage or mold while bypassing the possibility of high-cost repairs, which can very quickly turn into thousands of dollars.

Guide to Different Types of Home Security Systems