Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve

In Flordia, there are many outdoor parks, even in Lake Butler. The most visited parks are the themed parks such as Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and Seaworld. However, among these famous parks, there are other breathtaking parks such as the Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve. The Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve is an amazing park that can be used for recreational purposes, but also educational purposes. One cool thing about this preserve is that it is free of charge for all of its guests.

The Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve includes many trails. The trails in this park go through many habitats such as the longleaf pine forest and scrub, bayhead swamp, and cypress-lined lakeshore. The hikes have all sorts of levels of difficulty, that make it great for everyone who comes to visit. Some of these trails are specifically great for families with children, active individuals, and even senior citizens.

However, before you go hiking, there are many educational events that you can attend to have a better knowledge of the trails you will be hiking on. This will make your overall experience the best it can be. These experiences are ideal for field trips as they not only provide an educational experience but also some outdoor time for the children.

Besides the trails, there are several other things to do. Some of the amenities at the Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve include the picnic area, butterfly garden, wheel-chair accessible sandbox, and much more. This preserve is a wonderful venue for photography as well!

Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve is maintained all year round to ensure not only that it is clean, but also safe for its visitors. They even installed some of the best security systems in Lake Butler, FL. The next time you are looking for a different type of park, make sure to check out Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve. You will not be disappointed, and will be longing to go back!

Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve