Religious Establishments in Campbell FL

Religion is so important to an individual and their families. When looking for a new area to move to, or visit for an extended period of time, many people want to make sure they will still be able to attend their routine religious service. Campbell FL, has a few options in their town limits and if none of these work for you, they are very close to large cities like Orlando that are sure to have many many more options for you.

God's Missionary Church

God's Missionary Church is a church in Campbell Florida and is located at 3331 O' Berry Rd, Kissimmee, FL 34746. They are dedicated to leading a lost nation to God and proclaiming holiness to each and every person. They achieve this goal by sharing the gospel with anyone who wants to listen and through sending members from their church all around the world as missionaries to teach others about Christ.‚Äč They are distinctively Wesleyan in theory, traditional in their lifestyle, and working in love.

Campbell City First Missionary Baptist Church

Campbell City First Missionary Baptist Church is a Baptist church in Campbell, Florida. Their church is a small homeland church that joined for the first time about 100 years ago. They are dedicated to the Word of God. They go by the foundation of the King James Version of the Bible. The beliefs section of their website gives a huge rundown on everything they are truly rooted in.

Albir Islamic Association

Albir Islamic Association Inc is a Mosque in Campbell, Florida. Their mission is to experience and learn as Muslims in America, to bring together their community, and connect the break between people for the sake of Allah. Albir Education Center is a society of Muslims that are from Florida. They are dedicated to living strong in America as a comprehensive Ummah from various backgrounds. Southeast Wiring Solutions is proud to be able to locally offer the area of Campbell, Florida home security systems.

Religious Establishments in Campbell FL