Parks in Oak Ridge, FL

If you are a nature lover and reside in the town of Oak Ridge, FL, or at least close to it, you will be blown away by how many beautiful parks this town has. There are approximately ten different types of parks. However, the ones I will be highlighting are Lake Goria Preserve, Lake Ellenor Park, and Vogt-Meloon Park. These three parks are absolutely amazing because of the unique feature they have in common. All three of them are recorded by the best security systems in Oak Ridge, FL. The security system allows these parks to be safe and comfortable for all types of visitors especially the little children and teenagers.

Lake Goria Preserve is a neighborhood park. There are several houses and apartments in the area. The community shares a miniature playground and park area. Locals’ review says the playground is ideal for toddlers and young children due to the smaller size of playground equipment. The park area is well-maintained and great for everyday walking, jogging, or running.

Lake Ellenor Park sits right on Lake Ellenor. This park is different from the other two because it has a lakeside view with a lot of greenery and animals. On the daily, visitors will come to feed the ducks that roam freely around the park. Not only does this make the ducks happy, but also those who come to feed them. This park is great for those who want to go fishing and swimming. Another reason people come to this park is to destress and go on a walk or run surrounded by so many different types of wildlife and plants.

The last park is Vogt-Meloon Park. This park may not have a lake, but it does have a fantastic pool for everyone to enjoy on a hot summer day! If you do not like the pool, you can also check out the outdoor tennis and basketball courts. For the kids, there is a playground with swings, slides, and bridges. This park has a shaded area which is great for a picnic or parties.

If you are ever wanting to find a clean, safe, and fun park, make sure to check out some of the parks in Oak Ridge, FL. You will love them!

Parks in Oak Ridge, FL