Parks in Lake Butler, FL

Lake Butler is a semi-small area but they still offer neat features and areas in the area. Some of the favorites from tourists or locals are the parks, which are great for adults, handicaps, teens, and young children to all take part in and enjoy.

Fletcher Myers Park is open to the public and offers a half-court for basketball, playground equipment, and several picnic pavilions. Picnic pavilions do not require reservations and are available on a first-come-first-serve basis for any events or getaway times.

Lakeside Park is also a beautiful park and they have a great swimming area, a huge playground, a nice pavilion area, and a pier that people enjoy fishing and jumping off of. This park warns people that visit the City has been made aware of recent alligator sightings near the swimming area in Lake Butler. As a reminder from the city officials, “to visitors using the water, use caution as they can be dangerous. Alligators are native to bodies of water in Florida and should never be fed or approached, per Florida Statutes 372.667.” Coming soon the local parks will offer the ability to rent paddleboards around the lakefront area that they share.

Westside park is nice for mostly younger kids with game activities like hopscotch, basketball, gaga ball, and playgrounds. They are open to the public and are proud to offer fun things to do for kids.

One of the biggest and most widely favored parks of Lake Butler would be Lake butler Splash park. The Lake Butler Splash Park is a small water park located at Lakeside Park in Lake Butler. The most convenient part is it is free for everyone! They Open every day, 8 am -dusk, Friday before spring break begins for Union County Schools and closes for the season on September 15th of every year. SWS is proud to locally offer Home security systems to Lake Butler.

Parks in Lake Butler, FL