Eatonville Memorial Gardens in Eatonville, FL

Eatonville Memorial Gardens is a cemetery in Eatonville, Orange County, Florida. It is located along Wymore Road. It was established in 1887, and it has nearly two thousand graves. Eight mayors are buried in it, along with some of the founders. There are also members of all of the original families of the town buried there, plus veterans from the Civil War, World War I, World War II, the Vietnam War, and the Gulf War.

Recently, the non-profit corporation Eatonville Community Cemetery Association, Inc. took over operations for the Eatonville Memorial Gardens in order to preserve a site with such historical significance in the community. It is managed by a board of voluntary directors. Many of the graves are unmarked or no longer marked, and the Eatonville Community Cemetery Association, Inc. aims to maintain the Eatonville Memorial Gardens, mark the unmarked graves, and build a map of the cemetery.

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Eatonville Memorial Gardens also provides a safe, open place to go for a walk off of the main roads. Along with Bellamy Park and Homer Hough Park, it has many trees and is a habitat for wildlife in the suburban area of Eatonville. In addition, the nearby Lake Lucien and Hungerford Lake also provide nature in the suburbs. On your visit, please note that glass and porcelain materials are prohibited due to safety and liability issues. One urn or vase for a plant is permitted. Fences or other enclosures around graves are not permitted. Plants can be planted, but only with express permission from Eatonville Community Cemetery Association, Inc. Vaults may be painted, but they require approval beforehand.

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Eatonville Memorial Gardens in Eatonville, FL