Be it for Fire Alarm Systems, Security Systems, Home Theaters, or Home Automation, we are College Park’s Top Choice for Systems Service Providers!

Founded in 2002, SWS was a business idea that came from decades of service in the fire department and military. That same dedication to excellence is what we provide to customers.

SWS handles Installation, Monitoring, and Supplying Fire Alarm & Security Systems, with a robust suite of up-to-date technology for your home. SWS painstakingly tests our products and services, as we’re committed to our clients getting the highest coverage of safety measures to enjoy their day-to-day lives.

The Best Choice for Home Security Systems in College Park

If you are looking for a trusted home security company in College Park, you have come to the right place. SWS is a preferred provider of state of the art security systems and alarm monitoring services. In 2018 Orlando’s crime rate was almost 117% higher than the U.S. average according to the FBI's uniform crime reports for the year of 2018. Having home security systems protecting your home is a great investment. If you'd like more customization we also offer DIY home security systems.

SWS Offers the Most Advanced Technology Available for Commercial Security Systems in College Park

Making sure people are safe is the mission that drives SWS. It’s also the reason we’re dedicated to providing the most recent innovations in alarm technology to protect your place of business. Our seamless, sleek, and built-to-order systems include intuitive-yet-gorgeous keypads for the best in wireless security and immediate alerts to your preferred mobile device to help keep your valuable items safe from intrusion or disaster. If you’re in College Park and you’re searching for a new security system, you need to only make one call if you want the best protection: SWS.

Professional Alarm Monitoring powered by

With quick emergency response and constant professional monitoring, we can keep your home or business safe. We use the network of licensed central monitoring stations throughout the country to monitor your system. Right from your phone, you’ll know help can be there at any time.

Dedicated Connection

SWS’s monitoring employs a cellular connection that’s just for your system. So, even if the cable, phone line, broadband, and/or power are down, the technology still works.

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The Best Choice for Fire Alarm Systems for Your Home or Business in College Park

Your Favorite Choice for Business and Home Fire Alarm Systems in College Park. Your hunt for a reliable fire alarm supplier serving College Park has led you to the right place. SWS is a preferred vendor for cutting-edge fire alarm systems and fire alarm monitoring services for that area!

At SWS, we know that your family and property are priceless. Don’t risk the damage caused by a fire. Today is the day to protect what you love from fire with a professionally installed and monitoring fire alarm system.

Professional Fire Alarm Monitoring Service for College Park

Emergency services personnel will tell you that every second counts in the response efforts for a disaster. SWS fire alarm monitoring can send fire alarm signals to a central station, and route emergency responders to your location ASAP. SWS can give you the right monitoring solutions for your fire safety needs.

Industrial, commercial, or residential - whatever the building is, SWS has the solutions and proper licensing required for your needs.

Fun Facts about College Park

College Park has streets with bungalows named after famous universities. Recognized as the best area of Orlando, visitors come here to feel the taste of a real city away from the tourist extravaganza of the theme park. This quaint neighborhood offers quality shopping, fine dining and exciting nightlife. Explore this bohemian atmosphere in Orlando with the best sights and the excellent College Park FL home security systems.

The first thing in the to-do list is the Orlando Science Center. This is a fascinating and interactive museum that facilitates the discovery of new and exciting scientific and technological concepts for the whole family. There is a planetarium with a telescope, an IMAX cinema where educational films are shown, and a laser light show. In the center of the museum is an impressive giant tree that rises to four floors and recalls those that can be found in the swampy areas of Florida. They also welcome those over 21 with exclusive evening events such as the Wine Science social event, which takes place on the museum’s external balcony.

The Great Escape Hall is also an exciting place in this location. The concept of the quest takes America by storm! Based on the video game format, The Great Escape Room in Orlando sees customers need to try to leave the room in less than sixty minutes. Clients can work together with friends or strangers to find clues that will lead to solving an intriguing puzzle and realize their release. Unfortunately, only 20% of the teams manage to leave the room in the allotted time. This is an ideal team-building with a unique combination of strategy and trash hunting. Therefore, it is essential to consider excellent Security Systems College Park FL, which guarantee safety to the residents as they perform different activities in the location.

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